We Hack Purple Joins Forces with Semgrep!

By wehackpurple on August 4, 2023

Hey there, fellow developers, AppSec pros, and InfoSec professionals! Have you heard the news? Semgrep and We Hack Purple are joining forces to create an all-star team for securing the world’s software!

At first glance, you might be wondering why this is such a big deal. Well, let me tell you – this is not your average collaboration. Semgrep is a well-known and respected provider of open-source static analysis tools that help identify potential security vulnerabilities in code early on. They also just launched their earth-shattering supply chain security tool that tracks which vulnerabilities are reachable in your code. On the other hand, We Hack Purple is a platform that offers training, community, and practical advice to developers, AppSec Folks, and the rest of IT on how to build secure applications.

By combining their respective strengths, Semgrep and We Hack Purple are creating a powerhouse of application security expertise. With Semgrep’s steadily growing toolset and stellar security research team, plus We Hack Purple’s extensive library of security and developer training, organizations will have application security support like never before. This makes it easier for developers to write secure code throughout the entire system development life cycle.

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Tanya Janca

You might be wondering about the impact on We Hack Purple’s existing offerings. Well, fear not. We Hack Purple Community will continue to be led by Tanya Janca, and slowly meld together with the Semgrep community, with new content and events being joint efforts. This means EVEN MORE community, events, and content! The academy will remain open for current students, giving everyone a year to finish their courses, but be closed to new students. Most excitingly: We will be offering free live security training to all Semgrep customers, as well as free training for the public! By joining together, we’ll expand our reach and offer even more free and valuable application security resources for developers and security professionals alike.

Overall, this is an exciting development in the world of application security. Through collaboration and innovation, Semgrep and We Hack Purple have shown us how much more we can achieve when we work together. Let’s raise our coffee cups and toast to a brighter future for application security!


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