We Hack Purple, Acquired by Bright!

By Amanda McCarvill on May 12, 2022

Big things are happening! Tanya’s friends over at Bright recently bought We Hack Purple, and we could not be more thrilled. Bright makes a DAST (dynamic application security testing tool) that is developer-friendly. Tanya has worked on their advisory board for a few years and has gotten to know the team. Additionally, they just released a brand new tool for the lucky framework (crystal programming language), which creates security-focused unit tests, automagically! Plus, they have more on the way!

Bright Security!
Bright Security!

As part of the deal, all We Hack Purple courses are now FREE to We Hack Purple community members! The community has no hidden fees, so you can learn with no strings attached!

In the coming years, Tanya plans on working with Bright to create more content (which means more free courses!), running the community, speaking at conferences, and helping make Bright's products even more amazing!

Additionally, Tanya will start writing her next book, Alice and Bob Learn Secure Coding! Stay tuned for more updates; thank you all for your continued support!

The future is Bright!

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