Tons of great information with detail, but not an ounce of overload (no burnout)

Greeshma: Application Security Foundations

Great Introductory course to help build an App Sec strategy!

Tanya’s coverage of topics is great! It introduces all the relevant testing types and adjacent tools that need to be part of a successful App Sec program. Her pace and teaching style is excellent.


It was awesome, Absolutely recommending.

AppSec Foundations Level 3


I have learned a lot in this course. I had a hard time understanding some concepts before but when I got through this course, it is now crystal clear to me! 🙂


This is a must take course for someone new to application security. It quickly introduces you to application security and takes you neck deep into the world of application security with simple and easy to understand words.

July 2021


The Secure Coding Course provides an in-depth dive into what a working developer would need to know to secure their modern applications. The lectures provide concise, actionable information without drawn out or round about explanations on how to meet certain security related requirements such as PCI-DSS compliance. Each lecture gives the listener the decisive and clear information that can be used directly on their applications. I started the course and couldn’t stop due to the quality each video provided. This course is a must for developers & application security professionals alike. I look forward to the next course!

June 2021


I loved every bit of it. If you are new to Appsec, this is the place to be.


I love everything about this course. Tanya uses real-world problem examples. I’d love to have the goas docs saved in an editable format.


I really enjoyed Lvl 2, Lvl 1 was a lot on what there is in AppSec and Lvl 2 talked about applying some key parts to your team! Great stuff!

May 2021


I love the way Tanya is extremely knowledgeable in the area, the way she delivers contents is also really impressive. It is clear and straight to the point. Video clarity and her dressing style. Her storytelling skill is on another level. You are awesome Tanya. Thank you for knowledge sharing. I have never been hooked to an online course before, this did the trick.


Tanya is both extremely knowledgeable, and a fantastic teacher of the knowledge. This course both brought excitement, and guided my curiosity into safe learning and cultivated even more curiosity. It was all things engaging, fun, helpful, and a healthy balance of convergent and divergent learning. Just fantastic! Loved every moment of it. I should also add, that I will be revisiting the contents of this course, to stay sharp and to continue improving (there’s just so much to keep coming back to).


We decided to work with Tanya to jumpstart our AppSec program; we are happy we did. Tanya took our development and security leadership team through her two-day foundations workshop, and we left feeling empowered to begin our journey. Tanya is an engaging presenter and thoughtful sounding board, and her expertise in this field shines through. We look forward to continuing to work with her.


Tanya is a wonderful person with fantasic techniques to teach AppSec. I felt that all the materials, videos, assignments and quizes were pretty straightforward and easy to complete. I really enjoyed the course.


I enjoyed the practical and realistic guidance I think it would apply to any AppSec team.


Really appreciate the work We Hack Purple is doing. I’m a huge fan & supporter of you all.


I’d been trying to learn Application Security topics on my own, but Tanya’s (We Hack Purple) Application Security Fundamentals course made a lot of topics much clearer to me and helped me to understand what to prioritize when building an AppSec program. The lessons are short and easily “digestible” so that you can stop and resume as needed, without feeling like you have forgotten something.

I really appreciated her perspective from both sides (Security and Developer) because having both perspectives, she is able to teach you how to best communicate most effectively. I highly recommend the course – and the book is absolutely essential! I am so glad to have it as a reference, and I will refer to it often in my new position (which I wouldn’t have had the courage to go for without the knowledge that this course provided.)


I really like the course so far. You are an excellent speaker. I’ve tried various courses, ex pluralsight, but they are often outdated. Looking forward to the other courses. Keep up the good work.


Tanya is putting up great content and has been my go-to for sharpening my skills in appsec.


The lecturer (Tanya) is one of the most cheerful ones I’ve seen. And I’ve seen a lot of courses. This makes her videos easy to watch. They’re not boring or dry, which is a very common thing.


WeHackPurple has built up a steady and consistent pace with growing the community and building up content. Keep chugging full steam please!


The course is great – not a lot out there which curates content specific to appsec.


I learned how to be a more effective AppSec engineer, and how to do it sustainably.


2-3 things I learned: incident management, keeping an inventory of all the systems you’ve been assigned to, triaging what frameworks/stacks is each one running on, and the best part was building rep with the development team. I work as a software engineer on my day to day job so it really refreshing seeing what the security side needs to know and how I can be helpful to them in my role.


The training was very good in terms of explaining things in layperson language. I cannot really critique it. It gave me what I needed.


The engaging presentation skills of Tanya as instructor keep it fun, light, and almost conversational. The exercises compel you to think aspects of appsec which one might have not thought of. Case studies really help strengthen understanding and open the doors of perception to new possibilities


The concepts of scaling your team were good since the reality is most AppSec teams will be understaffed and supporting a much larger developer team.


I learned how to set goals for an AppSec Program, and how to scale my team. I’ll be applying these by taking them back to my team and seeing how we can better focus on our work.


Your course has helped me understand a lot of things that I was totally unaware of and Tanya’s energy and enthusiasm made it look so easy.


“What I learned” Developer Education is key – creating awareness amongst the developer will really help in baking in security from the start. Metrics provide validation on how well the security posture of an organization is and its a must to help gauge where the organization stands and also helps in building a case with the management to get the security dollars and show them the value being provided.


I followed the homework prompts and ended the course with a nice list of goals and the tactics I am going to use to accomplish them.


This course gave me a big picture on how things work in an Appsec program at an Org level.


Being a noob in the DevOps realm, this course came very handy, not only read the Alice and Bob learn Application Security book, but also others that were recommended throughout the course, namely The Phoenix Project, The Unicorn Project and The DevOps Handbook (still reading).


I enjoyed having a full-depth introduction to the world of Application Security. Although I already work in AppSec, seeing these concepts in a formatted way is not something I’ve seen before, and I learned a lot.


I liked that it wasn’t just another OWASP Top Ten Review and that the focus was on solving actual AppSec issues.


What I enjoyed the most about the training was it was literally application security from the ground up. I don’t work as an AppSec Engineer on my 8-5. I’d definitely love to. This course gave me a realistic expectation and various scenarios I’d encounter in the day to day life of an application security engineer. It was really Tanya speaking from a place of experience and I felt like she was sharing it with me. Even though the course was mainly theory and foundational, the exercises and homework provided helps me be able to return back to my boss and lets me start getting into implementing the content in the course practically.