WHP Streams: Cloud Security, Not Someone Else’s Problem

Gabriel Wierzbieniec

In this episode of the We Hack Purple Podcast we will host WHP community member Gabriel Wierzbieniec, to talk about: Cloud Security – Not Someone Else’s Problem!

In the last few years, we have observed the rapid growth of Public Cloud market. Nowadays cloud services are everywhere, enabling not only e-commerce but also financial services, public sector, and many others. Obviously, the Cloud brings many benefits for everyone, however it also has its own security implications. During this talk we are going to have a deep dive into the ‘shared responsibility model’ and a quick review of recent vulnerabilities affecting Cloud Providers. And that is just a tip of an iceberg called ‘Cloud Security’!

Gabriel is a Senior Engineer running an enterprise scale Log Management platform for a large bank in Switzerland. He previously worked for several major Managed Security Services Providers and Financial Services companies as a Security
Engineer, Consultant, Architect, and Team Lead. He is also a holder of multiple industry certifications, including CISSP, CCSP, CISA and a member of (ISC)2 Chapter Switzerland. His favorite topics are: Cloud Security (in particular AWS) and container security.

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