Episode 71 with Ariel Shin

Ariel Shin

In episode 71 of the We Hack Purple Podcast Host Tanya Janca speaks to the Ariel Shin from Twillio! Ariel does product security, and as you might imagine, Tanya had at least 100 questions for her.  We discussed threat modelling, influence, persuasion and other communication skills needed to be an effective #AppSec person (or any security professional, for that matter). The conversation got really interesting as we dove into how to communicate with an executive, versus an engineer, versus a non-tech person, and how we can communicate and advocate for security (effectively) in the process. She talked about breaking down an argument into multiple pieces, to ensure you get the message across the best possible way. If you are someone who has struggled with convincing the rest of IT to patch or fix bugs, she breaks down how to do this in a way Tanya plans to adopt from now on. Take a listen at the links below!


Ariel’s Bio: 

Ariel Shin is a product security team lead at Twilio. Ariel started her career as a penetration tester, specializing in web and mobile security, before moving into the product security space. Ariel enjoys building relationships with developers through secure code reviews, threat modeling, security training, and vulnerability management. Currently, Ariel is working on rolling out and expanding Self-Service Threat Models for the Twilio Org.


Ariel’s Social Media:  linkedin.com/in/arielshin/

Link to the great podcast episode Ariel spoke about: “Hacker Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty” by WIRED Podcast, featuring Samy Kamkar.


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