Episode 68 with Gagandeep Singh

Gagandeep Singh Juneja

In episode 68 of the We Hack Purple Podcast host Tanya Janca dives into Domain Driven Design (and development) with Gagandeep Singh. Gagandeep is an avid blogger, and Tanya read his article on DDD and just had to interview him. We discussed if Design Driven design or development are those the same thing (they aren’t!), the security advantages of DDD, how Trusted Types and Content Security Policy Header come into play! We discussed the concept of having the security of a feature be part of the design and feature itself, and the huge security advantages we can expect to see. To hear more, you need to see the episode!

Gagandeep’s Bio:

Gagandeep Juneja is an experienced Information Security professional working in the Information Technology and Services Industry. Working in Application Security domain, security assessment, threat modeling, architecture review, DevSecOps and guidelines for security technologies to develop effective secure solutions. In his opinion if we focus on securing code which will result in fewer vulnerabilities in the solution. Domain Driven Design sets the bar higher for software development, providing an efficient way to designing and developing a more secure IT solution.

His blog: https://securityintelligence.com/posts/secure-coding-domain-driven-design/


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