OWASP Partnership with We Hack Purple

By Tanya Janca (SheHacksPurple) on January 3, 2022

For those that missed it 6 months ago when we announced it in July: We Hack Purple are PARTNERS with OWASP!!!!!  What does this mean? OWASP Members are entitled to take Application Security Foundations Level 1 FOR FREESign up here with your OWASP email address in order to receive your freeeeeeeee course!

You may be wondering, why are they telling us AGAIN? Because we re-filmed and re-released Application Security Foundations Level 1, YESTERDAY. We've updated all of the content and quite frankly, it's a huge improvement. There are now several more checklists, updated information, and even more silly jokes.

Are you not an OWASP member, but you still want to check it out, it's on sale right now! And, for this week only, the Mega Purple Bundle is 50% off, for only $499 (the regular price of just AppSec Level 1), which includes all 3 levels of AppSec Foundations, an Azure Security Course AND a secure coding course!!!  Get it while you can folks, this deal will not last!


OWASP, a We Hack Purple Partner



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