Diving into Demographics  

By Amanda McCarvill, of We Hack Purple

When deciding to try something new, whether it be enrolling in a new course, or simply signing up for a newsletter, we search for ways to confirm in our minds that it is a good fit. Typically, we want to know that other people like us are on a similar path. Ultimately, we all want to advance in our careers. But signing up for something either too advanced or not advanced enough can hinder our growth.   

Naturally, many of you have probably experienced this when looking at We Hack Purple’s offerings and maybe even asked yourself, “Is this a good fit to help me achieve my goals?”   

You have heard us talk a lot about how anyone and everyone is welcome at WHP, whether you are new to Cyber or a seasoned vet. But don’t just believe us, see for yourself, and what better way to do that than to check out the demographics of our consumer base!   


Years in InfoSec  

Graph displaying Years in InfoSec
Years in InfoSec


As we can see, a good portion of our members are relatively new to Cyber. Even if you are unfamiliar with certain concepts, we emphasize delivering content that can be easily understood, despite your skill level! With that said, if you have been Cyber for many years, our content is not “just for people who don’t know anything.” Our wide range of topics creates opportunities for continuous learning for all levels.   



Graph showing continental distribution
Continental Distribution


Naturally, being a Canadian-based company, a large portion of members come from North America. However, this is not exclusive!  


Job Title  

Graph distribution of Job Titles 
Job Title

As we can see, We Hack Purple members come from a diversified list of fields within Cyber. Even industry leaders are joining the purple revolution!  After all, what better way to keep up to date on a continuously changing industry than with ongoing learning! 


By viewing this data, we hope you see how We Hack Purple’s content is not best suited for a narrow group of individuals. Newcomers can still understand our content and courses; however, it is not just for them! Experienced industry members want to know this stuff too. So, let us help you achieve your goals by taking advantage of our various offerings!