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We offer our textbook, Alice and Bob Learn Application Security, our courses in the Academy, our premium content, events and discussion forums in the community, our amazing conversations with our guests on the podcast, and so much more to get you learning all you need to know to be an amazing application security professional. With We Hack Purple you can continuously learn, all throughout your career!

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Learn how to create secure software, from industry experts. Our online courses teach application security theory and hands-on technical lessons. Whether you are a CISO that needs to get a better picture of your application security posture, a software developer that is concerned about creating secure software, or a person who wants to become an AppSec professional, we have something for you.

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The We Hack Purple Community is a safe and professional space for information security professionals to meet, network, discuss, and learn! Whether you are a seasoned security veteran, or brand new to the topic, by joining the We Hack Purple Community you will kickstart your learning, and super-charge your career.

Inside the community you will find exclusive security content, invites to members-only events, a searchable knowledgeable, groups for you to discuss security with your peers, and so much more.

We Hack Purple Podcast

The We Hack Purple Podcast is pre-recorded and released on both YouTube and (in audio-only format) every major podcast platform. We feature a diverse range of guests for all walks of InfoSec, to talk about their careers, jobs, and how they got to where they are today. Featuring host Tanya Janca.

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